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Constantly Overwhelmed and Inconvenienced

by Life’s Challenging Situations? 


Book CoverIn addition to the many benefits gratitude has on improved health, outlook, and relationships, it is also a POWERFUL WEAPON for navigating change, overcoming setbacks, and meeting the needs of others.  But that’s not all!  It’s also an AMAZING CURE for what I call the Three Es: Entitlement, Expectation, and Envy.  The truth is

Gratitude is a key tool for increased happiness and personal success.

If you are constantly overwhelmed and inconvenienced by life’s challenging situations, and want to live a happy and serene life, this downloadable set of practical and easy-to-use tips and exercises will help you develop an attitude of gratitude, saving you FRUSTRATION, DISAPPOINTMENT, and RESENTMENT from UNMET EXPECTATIONS and THINGS OUT OF YOUR CONTROL.


This must-have program includes:

TEN Downloadable MP3 Audio Files… with practical tips and tools for developing a thankful heart in all situations:

  • What I Needed to Hear About Gratitude
  • The Benefits of Positive Emotions, Including Gratitude
  • Daily Gratitude in a List
  • Daily Gratitude in Speech
  • Daily Gratitude in Writing
  • Maintaining Gratitude by Avoiding HALT
  • How Gratitude is Affected by Others
  • Maintaining Gratitude with an Accountability Partner
  • Gratitude with God’s Help
  • Gratitude with God’s Help (Continued)

SIX Accompanying Downloadable PDFs… thought-provoking questions and exercises including room to jot down personal insights:

  • Worksheets to accompany the audio files
  • Bonus: 12 Dos and Don’ts of Living with Gratitude
  • Bonus: Four Personal Reflection and Prayer Sheets:
    • Seeing life through rose-colored glasses
    • Staying grateful through stressful situations
    • How gratitude affects others
    • How to accept the past and move toward the future with gratitude

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Favorite Quote

“Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.” John Milton

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