Thank God for Mini Vans

Thank God for Mini VAnsMy husband and our daughter were on their way back from their trip to New Mexico, and I was anxious for their return. It had been two weeks since I’d seen them and they were 1600 miles away.

Thank God my husband’s vehicle broke down at the McDonald’s drive-through, instead of miles down the dusty highway in 106 degree weather.

Thank God there was a tow truck readily available to tow my husband and daughter, and broken down vehicle, back to the cabin where they had been staying (and could stay for a few more days).

Thank God my husband is good with the computer; he was able to find a nearby dealer with a great offer on a new vehicle.

Thank God we could afford an unexpected purchase; the old car was not fixable, forcing us to buy something else.

Thank God my husband is a master negotiator; he actually enjoys the process and negotiated a lower price!

Thank God I didn’t scream when my husband informed me that I was the proud owner of a new Mini Van!  (I wasn’t really ready to be a mini-van Mom.)

Thank God I surrendered to my husband’s decision and welcomed the Mini Van into our family; now I can’t stand to part with it.

Thank God my husband and I were both able to see the blessings in our situation and get through the experience with less stress and anxiety.


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