Thank God for Pay Phones

Thank God for Pay PhonesI was on my way to speak to a group of women attending a leadership retreat. I had left in plenty of time to find the place, but quickly discovered that no one was there. I started to panic and  reached for my cell phone…

Thank God I found a pay phone at the nearest street corner.

Thank God there were $5.00 in quarters in the van, because it costs 50 cents to initiate a call and 25 cents for every three minutes; I had plenty of quarters.

Thank God my husband walked past my cell phone at the exact time I called it; I had left it on the dining room table and I couldn’t remember his number.

Thank God he had the inkling to answer it right then; he rarely answers my cell phone.

Thank God I was able to navigate him through my computer passwords and into my email account so that he could find the number of the retreat planner.

Thank God it was only 85 degrees out that morning, and not 105 degrees like it had been two weeks ago; this navigation process took a few minutes!

Thank God the retreat planner received my husband’s message and promptly responded.

Thank God the correct address was only ½ block away from where I had gone the first time.

Thank God the women were anxious to hear my talk and willing to wait for me.

Once I got there, everything went as planned.  Thank God!


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