Thank God for Blizzards

Use thank God stories to overcome the most challenging of obstaclesMy husband and I were spending Spring Break in our cabin in the mountains, along with our teenage daughter and her friend.  We decided to drive, which is a 16 hour trip each way.  On our return trip home we had planned to leave Saturday morning and arrive back home Sunday afternoon, giving the girls plenty of time to get ready for school Monday morning.  However, my husband came to me on Friday and sternly said, “A storm is coming in fast.  We need to pack up and leave.  Now!”

Thankfully, we were able to pack in record time and drive down the mountain pass before the storm arrived, avoiding being snowed in for days and the girls missing their first day back at school.

Thankfully, we decided to stop at the local post office on our way out of town, which delayed us long enough to avoid being one of the thirty cars that had collided into each other as a result of the icy roads.

Thankfully, we had stopped to purchase a full tank of gas before getting on the highway and getting stuck in a blizzard (along with hundreds of other vehicles), allowing us to run the car engine for seven hours in order to keep warm; that’s how long it took for the highway patrol and EMS to clear the accidents and move the disabled vehicles out of the way.

Thank God I married a man who was a Boy Scout and had packed the car with enough water and snacks to curb our hunger pains during those frightening seven hours.

Thank God both girls are spirited travelers and were able to make the best of our dire situation with fun stories and word games; they even helped me laugh a little.

Thank God the owners of the camper stuck in the blizzard next to us were gracious enough to grant my husband’s plea to allow us three girls use of their bathroom; we had been unable to move our vehicle for four hours by this time and our bladders were feeling the strain.

Thank God the Highway Patrol was available to escort us through the dangerous weather and into the nearest town because the highway had become impassable in both directions.

Thank God the American Red Cross was present and able to convert the local Civic Center into a shelter, where we and a few hundred travelers were able to stay  because there was “no room at the inn”.

Thank God the shelter granted us permission to bring our feline companion (named Trouble) in with us for the night because leaving her in the car while the temperatures continued to fall would have been tragic to her.

Thank God Trouble allowed me to keep her zipped up against my chest beneath my parka all night in an effort to avoid the attention of the two large dogs who shared the shelter with us.

Thank God we only brought one of our cats with us, and not all four.

Thank God the city’s service men and women had the energy to work all night, making the roads passable so that we could leave the next morning.

Thank God the shelter provided hot coffee and Kolaches for breakfast the next morning because we were all starving, including Trouble; turns out she likes Kolaches.

Thank God the rest of the drive home was boring and uneventful because we couldn’t stand too much more excitement that weekend!

Thank God we got the girls home in time Sunday evening to prepare for school on Monday with what I was sure would be the most unique Spring Break story to tell their friends.


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