Thank God for Unexpected Accidents

Car Accident“No! No! No!” I cried.  I wondered if I would actually hit it!  And, hit it I did, at 65mph while traveling northbound on Highway 59, just a few hours north of Houston, Texas.

Thankfully, I had my seatbelt on.

Thankfully, the only other car on the road was far behind me and slowed down to avoid the incident.

Thankfully, no people were injured.

Thankfully, the deer I hit was small since I was driving my two-door Honda Civic.

Thankfully, there was a gas station just 100 yards up the road, where I could pull over and call AAA.

Thankfully, we had AAA.

Thankfully, AAA let me renew my membership during my call for assistance because it had expired two weeks earlier.

Thankfully, I was only eighty-five miles away from my destination, which fit within AAA’s one-hundred mile tow limit.

Thankfully, the gas station attendant generously waited with me after closing hours until the State Trooper appeared, as the tow-trucker driver was in route.

Thank God the State Trooper escorted me to the Mini Mart, just another 100 yards up the road, where I continued to wait since the tow truck was still in route.

Thank God I had bottled water and bags of trail mix to tide me over when I got hungry while waiting for the tow truck.

Thank God I was stranded in a location that had a strong cellular signal so I could hear my husband’s consoling voice during my several frantic calls throughout the entire ordeal.

Thank God for the scripture verse taped to the side of a plastic napkin dispenser at the Mini Mart, which read, “A man’s heart determines his speech. (Matthew 12:34),” reminding me that all my hard work at practicing gratitude had paid off!

I had spent years working on my attitude and trying to see the blessing in all situations, and this time was different.  I had not whined or complained once about the incident.  I had not bellyached over the terrible inconvenience, nor considered it an unforgivable disruption to my day.  I was not grouchy, fussy, or put out.  I did not grumble about future consequences or take my misfortune out on others.  Instead, I delighted and rejoiced in the good things that had happened by uttering words of thanksgiving and appreciation to anyone who would listen.

Faith replaced fear and gratitude came naturally as I realized God had done for me what I could not do for myself.  Now that was the real blessing!


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“Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.” John Milton

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