Thank God When Bears Don’t Attack!

Thank God When Bears Don't Attack

My husband and I were up in our cabin in New Mexico in June.  The grounds were so terribly dry and rain was badly needed.  Unfortunately, the drought was forcing the mountain animals downward, closer to town and in search of food and water.  At 3:00am I awoke in desperate need of the bathroom.  I climbed out of bed, walked toward the kitchen, and found myself just a few feet away from an oversized adult bear!

Thankfully, my heart jumped into my throat, which kept me from yelling or screaming uncontrollably!

Thankfully, it was me who was the more startled; the bear just seemed curious.

Thankfully, the window on the back porch door was small enough to keep the bear outside as he pushed his nose against it to smell remnants of dinner.

Thankfully, the back porch door was a thick metal door, as that was all that stood between us while I listened to the bear’s breathing.

Thankfully, I had the wherewithal to back up slowly and wake up my husband.

Thankfully, there was a full moon out, so mistaking something else for a bear was not possible, (which I explained over and over again to my husband since he didn’t actually see the bear.)

Thank God, the bear wasn’t hungry enough to push through the screens of any of our other wide open windows.

Thank God, there was plenty of bird seed and suet out back to occupy the bear and fill his belly.

Thank God, the plastic bird feeders were all that were damaged.

Thank god my husband finally believed that I really did come face to face with the bear.

Thank God, the next few days had cooled down enough for us to keep our windows tightly closed throughout the next few nights; on this I insisted!

Thank God, we didn’t see the bear again.


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